AX6000 Router 6000Mbs WiFi6


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Xiaomi AX6000 is one of the top rated WiFi6 rounters. The features include:

* 6000Mbps

* 160MHz High Bandwidth

* 4K QAM High-Speed Transmission

* Independent AIoT Antenna

* MU-MIMO + OFDMA + Mesh Networking

* 6 Independent High-Performance Signal Amplifiers

* Hardware-level Network Acceleration Engine, Super Stable Operation All-Weather

* Up to 248 Devices

* Innovative Three-Sided Heat Dissipation Design

You can't find any WiFi6 routers that have better price-value ratio than Xiaomi AX6000. 

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Item ID 166780589883
Brand Xiaomi
Model AX6000
Item Type electronics
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Item Size 16 * 7 * 5 ''
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Warranty 12 months